C400 VW Beetle


256 (1965-1968) : Model on the East African Rally and Rhino. True-to-scale steering, operated from the spare wheels on the roof.

492 (1966-1970) : Police car, this VW as seen in the 256 model but now in the green and white of the West Germany Police Force, plus Polizei labels on the side and the addition of two polices figures in the front seats. The main difference between the two versions was the spare wheels which was used to steer the model was now replaced by a blue roof beacon with a flat ribbed area to assist rotation.

373 (1970-1976) Police car : the basic VW 1200 in the same scale as the 256 model but without opening features or steering, just Whizzwheels.

383 (1970-1971) Power flower : similar that the 373 model but with "flower power" labels. In 1973, this model was to be produced without "flower power" labels, but under the same number 383.

384 (1977-1978) this was the standard 383 fiited with chequered roof and door stripes, plus racing number 5.

400 Driving school (1974-1975) : a conversion of the 383 fitted with the steering mechamism of the previous 492, but with a steering wheel on the roof instead a Police beacon.

401 (1975-1977) : This was the same model as the 400 but in larger box with diorama.