Corgi 343 - Pontiac Firebird 1970-1973


This model was due for release in late 1969 when it would have been a “Red Spot”. However, the few existing “‘Red Spot” would soon all made obsolete by the new, all plastic wheels, to be available very shortly.

The pontiac firebird was the first model produced in 1970 and the last car to carry black axle wire to the wheels and was the only model who can relate this transition from black axle wire to carry later standard chrome axle to the wheel as for the 311 and 303 Ford Capri (the last model to have gold hub originaly release by the corgi factory).!

original 1970 corgi toys 343 Pontiac Firebird with red dot and gold hubs whizzwheels with chrome axle (first type model come with black axle as first red dot like Ferrari Dino and Chevrolet Astro 1) come in silver color with mate black hood and stripes,models are in mint condition.The second type yellow and red outer box are in excellent plus condition as for the white inner box (first type outer box is yellow and blue color with yellow inner box) and come with the original corgi club leaflet