How to convert a Corgi Whizzwheels model to a Corgi Golden Jacks model


With permission from and the author.


Guide No:--------------------------------- 022
Author:------------------------------------ rplanken
Original Concept & with Permission of:- Dr Dinky
Model:------------------------------------ Corgi Whizzwheels & Golden Jacks.
Brief Description of work:--------------- How to convert a Corgi Whizzwheels model to a Corgi Golden Jacks model.
Link to Discussion Thread:-------------- Guide 022 Discussion Thread


Guide 022 - Coverting a Corgi Whizzwhels to a Golden Jack


The story of this build started a few month back when i came in contact with Wim van den Berg, Dr Dinky, who lives in the USA but originates from the Netherlands. He found out that the first Whizzwheels from Corgi could be transfered back to the original as a Golden Jack.

I read the process and thought, I want to give it a try. All courtesy goes to Wim (Dr Dinky) for allowing his concept to be turned into this Guide.

The donor car comes in the form of the Corgi 341 Mini Marcos GT 850.

Dismantle that one. What you need is the subframe, the axles and the golden jacks. For this build i found a Lamborghini Miura but you also can use the Pontiac Firebird or the Ferrari P40. The Mini Marcos's sub frame is split into two parts because the Lambo wheelbase is longer.


Take the chassis of the Mini Marcos as a reference for drilling the slots where the golden jacks are placed. These can either be drilled with a cutting disc in a Dremel or similar mini-drill is ideal. The resulting slot can then be finally cleaned with small files.

Here you can see the Marcos subframe positioned over the jacks in their new slots.

and here is a view of underneath the baseplate showing the jacks in their slots

Now the subframe can be secured to the baseplate using the method of your choosing, be that superglue or rivet. These pictures display the Lambo parts waiting to go back together.

Finally here is the completed model.

The wheels i use came from Wim but i don't know if he still has enough to sell them. If you want the wheels of the Lambo, you have to know that the spare wheel in the Lambo whizzwheels is the original golden jack wheel. If you are patient enough you can find them on the auction sites in a bad state for silly money. If you want other wheels, Corgi used to sell spares in a set of twelve and these can also be found at auction sites and toy fairs.