C324 Marcos


The first Marcos Corgi was based on the 1800 Volvo engine Coupe, that the Marcos factory produced between 1963 to 1966. Corgi first introduced this model in February 1966, and was withdrawn in 1969 after selling in excess of 848,000.

All records of Corgi sales for the year 1969 were lost in a fire and so the exact number of models produced during that time is unknown, but would obviously be in addition to this figure.

This Corgi featured opening Doors and Bonnet, Detailed Engine Bay, Spring Suspension, Driver figure and a set of Self Adhesive Racing Numbers.

Initially released in White with Green stripes together with tyres that were round section rubber. These were common to all Corgi models at that time. This is the most common variant of the 1800 range.







Later in the model's life a Blue version was released now with White stripes and sporting the later square section rubber tyres.




Some of these White 1800's were shipped with Blue bonnet stripes and are perhaps how the most difficult to find in mint condition. They are hought to have been produced for the Canadian market.

This is a rare example of the Volvo 1800. Identical to the previous Volvo 1800 engine Coupe.
But in place of the green bonnet stripes, this car carries blue stripes.
There is some suggestion that this colour scheme was produced for the Canadian market.