Corgi 313 Ford Cortina GLX

For this car, i don't know if it's genuine or not, if you have any information about this, please contact me !


A friend of me says that :

"i recently purchased that exact item & i thought it might interest you & other collectors to know that i can confirm it is 100% original with original red spot wheels & original sealed body. I have now found out that it is an exremely rare export sales promotional model that was used to show dealers & importers how the red spot wheels looked on various models, Corgi thought the Cortina was a good model to use for promotion of the wheels because the car was a new popular worldwide Ford vehicle at that time."

"I have spoken to the seller of this model & he has document proof from the auction house where he bought it from that it is 100% genuine as discussed."

Look the pictures :



The Mustard colour was a rare export (European) issue & was issued with Whizzwheels. Note the European left hand drive steering wheel, the other bronze & pale blue version Cortina 313s have right hand drive! The mustard version is not mentioned in the Great Book Of Corgi probably because it was a very limited production export version so was not relevant to the UK market, (although i think it should have been mentioned).

The man at Corgi who is thought to have had these pre-production/promotional red spot wheel models produced in 1970 was called "Mike Tottle". He was the sales manager at Corgi & used to get promotional models produced at the production line to take to shows & to show to retailers etc. Most examples of unusual version red spot wheel models were proabably produced by him for promotion in early 1970.

Export issue finished in mustard-yellow, black roof, red interior