Corgi 313 Ford Cortina GLX


Original car with Whizzwheels :

Metallic bronze, black roof, cream interior, Whizzwheels









Export issue finished in mustard-yellow, black roof, red interior

Original 1970 corgi toys 313 Ford Cortina GXL Graham Hill PROMOTIONAL car in Mustard Yellow color with Black top and side stripes,red interior with left handed driving wheel and 'CORTINA' License Plates on front and rear with 4 Crown whizzwheels, models are in mint condition. This model was released by the same time of the real Ford Cortina GXL. Graham Hill was the honored guest, one of the famous racing pilot driver at that time, very few existing models mint condition. The first type box are in mint condition and complete with the original Graham Hill figure and the inner plastic window sheet and the corgi club leaflet.