C312 Marcos Mantis


The fourth Corgi was released in the following year and was a model of the Marcos Mantis. This was Marcos's only attempt at producing a four seater sports saloon. Only 34 of these cars made it on to the road, slightly less than the Corgi production run of 199,000, running between August 1971 and 1974. This Corgi featured opening doors and tilting front seats.




Through out the Corgi history, as new models were designed and produced, prototypes were produced and often managed to leave the company and enter into the hands of collectors.
These prototypes often had non standard colour schemes, or unusual fitments.

The actual quantities produced of each will probably never be know but most certainly they were very low, perhaps even single figures.

These models rarely become available on the market, and on the rare occasion that they do, can fetch escalated prices at auction.

Following are the ones that we know exist, there may be many more :

- Brown paint work on the body rather than the normal Maroon Red