Corgi 280 - Rolls Royce Silver Shadow





280 was the conversion to Whizzwheels of the 273 which had “take-off-wheels” for a very short time indeed.

This is an original 1970 corgi toys 280 Rolls Royce H.J. Mulliner Park Ward Slver Shadow with VERY RARE ''gold hub red dot whizzwheels employee factory''(see below), first type box as for the inner polystyrene tray and inner cardboard tray with original metal wire holder and rubber band, also have the original ''Mettoy'' factory logo stamped under the box by the factory employee. Come with the original corgi club leaflet.

Corgi was the leader in the diecast industry until 1967, but with the new 'hotwheels' (1968) on the market with the really fast running wheels and attractive candy colors,corgi had to respond quickly and soon came the whizzwheels (september 1969) with the 344 Ferrari Dino and 347 Chevy Astro and the last one Pontiac firebird (january 1970) was the really first models to carry first whizzwheels gold hub red dot with black axle to the wheels.

The pontiac firebird was the first model produced in 1970 and the last car to carry black axle wire to the wheels and was the only model who can relate this transition from black axle wire to carry later standard chrome axle to the wheel as for the 311 and 303 Ford Capri (the last model to have gold hub originaly release by the corgi factory.

Models who came later with red dot and gold hub was employee factory.

Corgi's employee doesn't like the new plastic whizzwheels (was uggly) and made for themselves or for dealers sale exibit,other later corgi models with the earlier gold hub red dot whizzwheels was made by employee with the original corgi tooling.